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Home care services for seniors and families with special needs children

We provide compassionate and reliable home care services for seniors and families with special needs.

Our home care services include assistance with daily activities, personal care and companionship. We are specialized in customer based care services, meaning that we make sure you get the help you truly need, by the same caregiver and visits that last for at least 2 hours.

Feel free to get to know us better and contact us so that we can find the best ways to help you and/or your family member.

What is Loistohoiva?

Loistohoiva is a Finnish home care company that offers a wide range of home care services for the elderly, disabled, and families with special needs children. Our goal is to promote well-being, safety, and independence by providing high-quality and personalized home care services.

Our home care service offerings include daily assistance, memory disorder care, attention to senior exercise and well-being, cleaning services, and many other essential daily support services. These home care services can be provided individually or combined to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Since 2013, our home care company has been dedicated to delivering exceptionally high-quality and client-centered home care services.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation.



Rights and opportunities for family caregivers to receive assistance in Finland

Family caregivers in Finland have the right to receive support and assistance in their valuable work for the well-being of their loved ones. The rights and support measures for family caregivers are regulated by law and provided through municipal and regional welfare services. The goal is to ease the daily life of family caregivers and provide them with the necessary help.

Forms of Support and Rights:

  1. Care Allowance: Family caregivers can apply for financial support that partially compensates for the costs of caregiving. This allowance also includes respite days, during which the care recipient receives necessary care in a suitable facility.

  2. Service Vouchers: Family caregivers can receive service vouchers, which can be used to purchase home-delivered services from private providers, such as those offered by Loistohoiva.

  3. Respite Days: Family caregivers have the right to take respite days, during which the care recipient’s care is arranged through the municipality or another entity.

  4. Training and Peer Support: Many municipalities and organizations offer training and peer support groups for family caregivers, helping them to cope and providing an opportunity to share their experiences with other caregivers.

Guide: How to get assistance and a payment commitment from welfare area professionals

  1. Contact your welfare area: Reach out to your regional welfare services by phone, email, or by visiting your local social services office.

  2. Service needs assessment: A professional will assess the needs of both the care recipient and the caregiver. Based on this assessment, an individualized care and service plan will be created.

  3. Apply for support: If the assessment determines eligibility, apply for care allowance and service vouchers. These can be used to purchase services, including those provided by Loistohoiva.

By following these steps, family caregivers can receive the necessary support and assistance from their regional welfare area.

Remember, help and support are available, and you do not have to manage your responsibilities alone.

Getter Karu
Getter KaruCaregiver at Loistohoiva
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As an employer, Loistohoiva is excellent. I have enjoyed working with this company for years. The office staff is friendly and always ready to help with anything. I feel heard and respected. I can work without rush, and I appreciate having the time to truly be present. ❣️
Heikki Palmroos
Heikki PalmroosClien't family member
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Good, unhurried home care for the elderly. My mother really enjoys Susan's visits.
Pääkaupunkiseudun Omaishoitajat ry
Pääkaupunkiseudun Omaishoitajat ry@pkseudunomaishoitajat
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Compassionate and cheerful service. We have received positive feedback from our members. 😊

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